Rachael Ray’s dog food brand Nutrish sued over glyphosate contamination claims… Health Ranger issues surprising response

Rachael Ray’s dog food brand, Nutrish, is now facing a $5 million lawsuit filed by Markeith Parks, who claims that her dog food is contaminated with glyphosate herbicide.

According to E!News:

Parks states in the documents that while Rachael Ray Nutrish “aggressively advertises” and promotes the products as “natural,” these “claims are false, deceptive, and misleading.”

“Instead, the products contain the unnatural chemical glyphosate, a potent biocide and endocrine disruptor, with detrimental health effects that are still becoming known,” the documents claim.

According to the lawsuit, “Tests conducted by an independent laboratory revealed that glyphosate is present in the Products.” But as I explain in my food science video below, it’s almost certain that glyphosate contamination could be found in nearly all pet food products and brands.

Glyphosate has become so ubiquitous that nearly every food item in the grocery store — pet food, human food or otherwise — can test “positive” for glyphosate when a sensitive enough instrument is used. That’s the problem with this deadly molecule: It gets into everything, contaminating water, soils, foods and even the air.

According to media reports, the plaintiff in this lawsuit is seeking to block all sales of the Nutrish dog food brand. But to what end? Every alternative would also contain glyphosate, unless it were certified organic. This idea that Rachael Ray’s dog food brand is the only dog food containing glyphosate is flatly ludicrous.

As I explain in my video below, the basis of this lawsuit seems flimsy, given that Rachael Ray’s dog food brand isn’t labeled “organic” or claiming to contain zero pesticides / herbicides. Also, as I explain, nobody is reporting the actual concentration of glyphosate supposedly found in these pet food products. That’s a big red flag. Is it one molecule of glyphosate? Is it 50 parts per trillion? If it’s anything under 1 ppb, I’m not worried about it. There’s probably at least 100 parts per trillion of glyphosate in everything these days, because it literally falls right out of the air. (Yes, there’s glyphosate in the atmosphere now. It’s impossible to grow food that isn’t contaminated with it at some level…)

Watch my REAL.video analysis for more details:


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