From your favorite breakfast cereals to your orange juice, here is a list of foods that have “tested positive” for glyphosate contamination – (with editor’s note)

As the world’s most widely used agricultural chemical, glyphosate is everywhere. In recent years, the dangers of this chemical have been gaining publicity, despite the best efforts of biotech companies that manufacture it, like Monsanto. Not only has it been linked to cancer, but it’s also an endocrine disruptor that can cause birth defects. While many of us wouldn’t dream of buying fruits and vegetables that aren’t organic these days, the sad truth is that glyphosate is making its way into all sorts of foods that you might not suspect.

Although it could be argued that some of these foods don’t contain high enough levels to cause concern, all those trace amounts of glyphosate you consume here and there can build up to create a risky accumulations in your body. The chemical bioaccumulates in your organs as well as your bones, which is why it’s best to do all you can to avoid it.

The Waking Times recently posted a comprehensive list of all the foods and other products, such as personal hygiene products, they have tested positive for glyphosate contamination. They compiled results shared by various groups that have carried out such testing, and it’s a real eye-opener.

You can view the complete list here.

[Editor’s note from Adams: As I have discussed in several podcasts, testing “positive” for glyphosate is scientifically meaningless. It simply means that at least one molecule of glyphosate was found in the sample. One molecule of glyphosate presents no risk of harm to anyone. The real issue here is the concentration of glyphosate in products, as well as the total daily intake. California is about to adopt a new daily intake limit of 1100 micrograms of glyphosate. The EU, meanwhile, considering lowering glyphosate limits in most common groceries to 50 ppb. The only meaningful discussion of glyphosate or other herbicides must be centered around concentration levels, not “testing positive.” I am working to educate people about this scientific reality, but sadly the scientifically illiterate media has no understanding of real science, concentration levels of even the concept of daily exposure. So when you read that some organization is reporting food products as “testing positive” for glyphosate, understand that such claims are not rooted in real science. Such claims are meaningless, since everything in the grocery store contains at least one molecule of glyphosate, sadly.]

Your breakfast isn’t as clean as you think

While entries like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes aren’t that surprising considering the widespread use of glyphosate on corn crops, there are also some more health-conscious food items on the list. For example, tests carried out by the Environmental Working Group found glyphosate in foods like Bob’s Red Mill Organic old-fashioned rolled oats and steel cut oats, the conventional rolled oats from the bulk bin at Whole Foods, Nature’s Path Organic old-fashioned organic oats, and several Quaker oat products.

This could be due in part to the fact that crops like oats are often treated with glyphosate prior to harvest to dry them out faster and facilitate the harvesting process.

Breakfast cereals like Kashi’s Heart to Heart Organic Honey Toasted Cereal, Back to Nature Classic Granola, Nature’s Path Organic Honey Almond Granola, and Kashi Organic Promise also tested positive.

Another breakfast staple, orange juice, also fared very poorly. Tests carried out by Moms Across America found glyphosate in orange juice from brands like Signature Farms, Kirkland, Minute Maid, Tropicana and Stater Bros.

Snack foods

As if junk food weren’t already bad enough with all of its preservatives and high sugar content, many of them also have cancer-causing glyphosate in them. Cheez-Its, Triscuits, Goldfish crackers, Oreos, Doritos, Fritos, and Little Debbie products all tested positive for glyphosate in tests carried out by the DetoxProject in 2016.

However, like we saw with cereal, some of the seemingly healthier choices are also guilty of containing glyphosate. Products like Annie’s Gluten-Free Bunny Cookies, Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips, Kashi Soft Baked Cookies, and 365 Organic Golden Round Crackers all made the list.

You should also take a closer look at your snack bars; tests carried out by the Environmental Working Group found glyphosate in bars from Nature Valley, Quaker, Kellogg’s, KIND, and Cascadian Farm.

Meanwhile, the list of staple crops that tested positive for glyphosate according to Friends of the Earth Europe include soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat and sugar beets.

As you can see, this carcinogenic chemical has found its way into a disheartening number of foods. Perhaps even more disturbing is the number of “organic” foods that, in fact, contain glyphosate – many of which people are paying a higher price for with the expectation of getting something that is free of chemicals.

Head over to the Waking Times and take a close look at the list. Is anything that you regularly eat listed? If so, it’s time to seek alternatives and contact the manufacturer to let them know that this is unacceptable.

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